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Baseball Cap Lets You Change Men Jun 14, 2017

Fashion fine summer out of the last process are "wearing a hat", not only shade, modeling is also very cool, even if not shampoo, can not see ... ...

But do not underestimate the baseball cap, it's these properties you have to understand, Baseball Cap the so-called know ourselves to know yourself!

Baseball cap style positioning: sweet, playful, youthful

Very suitable for student party! Cost-effective and style, a sweet smile will be able to show the vitality of the whole youth!

Baseball cap with: T-shirt, skirt, shoes, slippers

With the main mainly to leisure sports wind, but shorts, pleated skirt, Baseball Cap a word skirt and no violation of the sense. With shoes canvas shoes Oh ~

Baseball cap hair: side edery, no bangs, cauda equina

Wearing a baseball cap to pay attention to the bangs, no best! If any, must be pruning short, go out and then use the curly hair coil about, so the hat will not crush your air bangs (more trouble I know ..) or direct unilateral twist braids, cute some Sister can also try double twist ~

Summer wild color: white, pink, denim blue, black

On the choice of baseball cap, more recommended above the four wild color, especially white and denim blue, almost what clothes can take! Black is there some hot friends, Baseball Cap pink skin color white sister who try to ~

The top baseball cap can let you from the sharp brother wonderful variant male style. Do not have to worry about your hair in the end a few days without shampoo!

Baseball cap origin

Saying that you know what the baseball cap product comes from, and the root of the product comes from the British cricket, in 1839 an American Doubleday organized a cricket match, and in order to allow athletes to better avoid the sun Let the athletes wear a hat. Because the cricket is similar in nature to baseball, this is the earliest baseball cap.

As the hiphop culture swept around the world, we know the baseball cap through the hiphop culture began to understand, those who wear a baseball cap special Fan children starred in a different style.

If you start the baseball cap may start from the simple black and white together, no color will not go wrong, and you baseball cap and shirt seem to disguise the two species together will produce a wonderful chemical reaction, But you have to choose casual shirt Oh.

The simplest is a compassionate and baseball hat combination, and lower body with jeans and casual pants walking on the street to exude a charming fresh smell, Baseball Cap even if you have a baby will be quite reduced age.

Charming printing is really people love and hate, wear bad to run to the country with the Department of integration, as long as the baseball cap to understand the color and clothing echoes the very hanging days.

Of course, you can also according to the mood with more of your own style.

All in all, a baseball cap can make you 7 days to take out the flowers, and can treat your lazy cancer, and finally can not shampoo every day!