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Baseball Cap Material May 31, 2017

The origin of the baseball cap is more British and American, but the famous baseball cap brand originated in the United States. In the United States there is a very famous baseball league - the US Major League Baseball, referred to as MLB. I believe we in some of the domestic imitation of the hat will see MLB words baseball hat, Baseball Cap but most of them are imitation goods, not genuine.

Baseball is developed with baseball, baseball is a ball to play as the main features, collective, Baseball Cap highly resistant to the ball

I'll talk about baseball caps in terms of baseball. First of all, the baseball cap is first different from the kind of black hat. On the surface is the same, in fact, is different. Baseball cap you buy over the flat eaves, the purpose is to let you in accordance with their own needs to bend the hat, rather than let you keep him flat state. Baseball cap is bought flat hat, and ordinary duck cap models. Ordinary duck cap models in general training players will wear (the general white fans are more like to wear this, huh, huh) I do not speak this, Baseball Cap because they do not look good, ha ha ha that talk about is the flat eaves of the race. First of all, to distinguish between the whole seal or adjustable, the whole closure is generally selling the players will appear, special models or flowers and other production is not much, are generally adjustable. Of course, the whole hat to take a nice look, and it seems professional point ha ha ha. On the full closure of the head circumference, then you buy before the amount of what, Baseball Cap and suggested that rather small, because you do not need to race, the hat does not need to wear so tight, and too tight will headache yo. Then determine the head around it, that is, selection of material friends. Baseball cap now has three kinds of materials, wool, polyethylene, cotton, and wool Polyester blended the earliest baseball cap are wool, texture is very good, but the shortcomings of many, can not be washed, washed finished serious and cap type no. Clean words can only wipe with a cloth, and sweat over the head, will be slightly shrunk, and will be smelly. Pure wool baseball cap is now on the market is also less than the amount of polyethylene is a comparison of money, casually wash, Baseball Cap casually made! I personally prefer this material, but the problem is generally rare in this country. That is the most wool and polyethylene blended, most players version of the cap is this one material, or will be slightly shrunk, which is why you want to buy a little bit. That ... finished the material, there is a thing that may be easier to overlook. Is the height of the cap is also the whole closure of the eaves of the cap, the cap is divided into high school low three files, high hat with a black bubble like the kind of hat, with the fact that more than two, mostly players wear Are neutral and low cap, this choice depends on your own face and preferences. As for the title of the big LOGO, solid color, I think most of the team models are suitable for you, you can go to the new era website to see, now the general US staff to drink NFL football team LOGO are better, but Dai Yankee NY hat It's a little bad street so it's not recommended. You want to be more different can go to search NACC what college league or American baseball 3A small league team models. And then you see your favorite LOGO, go to a treasure search the team name / baseball cap, and then a variety of cheap pick their own.