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Baseball Caps Play A Role In Shading Aug 03, 2017

Baseball cap fabric has elastic cotton, cotton is because cotton is more comfortable and affinity skin, hygroscopicity.

The baseball cap is bought with a flat cap and a regular cap.

Baseball caps now have three kinds of materials, wool, polyethylene, cotton, and wool polyethylene blended

The first baseball caps are wool, Baseball Cap the texture is very good, but a lot of shortcomings, can not be washed, the shrinkage is serious and the CAP type is none. Cleaning can only be wiped with cloth, and the sweat on the head more, will also be slightly shrunk, and will stink. Baseball Cap Pure wool baseball caps are now less available on the market.

The baseball cap is made up of six parts and has a long brim. Also divided into the flat eaves, and curved brim two kinds. The cap body is like a pan, the cap is flat and has visor, Baseball Cap the hat margin from two inches to four inches, the width also has the difference

There are no buttons on the top of the baseball cap, the baseball cap is the cap, and the two-part brim has a clear handover. The first cap in the sense is the hat top flat and has the visor, commonly known as the duck Tsui hat. The brim is from two inches to four inches and has a different width.

Baseball caps are called baseball caps, mostly from America. Baseball is very popular in the United States, and most of the players defending a team are wearing a baseball cap, so many fans will wear their favorite hats. Baseball Cap It's not just the baseball team's hat that's in vogue. Now all kinds of styles and brands of baseball caps are popular all over the world.

Baseball caps are more complicated. You need to choose different kinds of baseball caps according to your personal circumstances! Baseball caps have different functions such as shading, decorating, Baseball Cap warming and protection. Therefore, there are many kinds of choices.

The main role of baseball caps


1, baseball players in the game due to the venue and time problems will affect the sun's eyes, so baseball caps played a role in shading.


2, baseball caps can be the athlete's hair constraints to avoid the game due to long hair cover and lead to mistakes.


3, baseball players in winter or cooler season, Baseball Cap baseball caps can play a role in ensuring the warmth of the head


4, baseball caps can be used to prevent small items falling into the hair, Baseball Cap such as baseball game to prevent sand.