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Children's Hats With Skills Jun 28, 2017

For children, wearing beautiful clothes and shoes is not enough, a unique shape of the children's hat is the finishing touch of the whole dress, complete sets of things will become more clever, lively and lovely. So, what are the tips for children's hats to buy?

Baby small head flesh tender, the weather of the wind and rain, cold and heat changes in poor adaptability, so to choose to wear light texture, soft, warm breathable and more good performance children hat. Child hat is too hard, too heavy, too tight, Children Hat great impact on the baby's brain development.

Preschool children in the outdoor activities of the time factory, children hat to pay attention to seasonal and practical. Summer children's hat fabric to be thin, and use cool and big hat along the style, this can play a better sunscreen effect. Big hat along the long and wide, this child hat can block light eye, Children Hat ventilation and heatstroke, but also highlight the children's lively personality characteristics.

Winter cold weather, should give the child to buy a warm warm good performance. And at the same time able to protect the cheeks, ears of children's hats. But the children are a large amount of activity, if the children's hat breathable performance is not good, sweat row out, the child's health is detrimental, so knitted child cap is ideal. Knitted children's hat warm breathable, soft and comfortable. Low temperature wind down when the hat, cheeks, Children Hat ears are protected, the wind to keep warm, the climate becomes better, the hat rolled up, very convenient.

Children's hat weaving method and adults of children's hat weaving method, just smaller size, patterns and colors can be more fancy some of it! Weaving children's hat with the material must be soft, good quality, so that the baby's skin will not be allergic Oh

Children's hat weaving method: above this child hat is 4.5MM with a needle, white line from the 79-pin, first weaving a single rib, here weaving about 5 rows. (2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3 osmanthus, 1 anti, 8 twist, 1 anti, 3 osmanthus, 1 anti, 8 twist, 1 anti, 3 osmanthus, 1 anti, 8 twist, 1 anti, 2 osmanthus, woven to the appropriate length after the needle, here probably 12 twist twist twist, the first time when the twist twist began to receive the needle, received 6 lines or so, and finally the line from the rest of the needle to wear, tighten, and then stitch back half, and finally with brown hair ball, The braid and the child hat are connected.

Children's hats and scarves combined with the style, especially warm, bright green so that this child hat is very eye-catching. Children hat above the lovely bear and small snowflakes, also particularly cute. And the little boy white skin with a special winter with it do not worry about freezing your little baby's head it!

Children hat has a matching shawl, Children Hat princess Fan children full. Children's hat on both sides of a crochet flower, quite beautiful, it seems that the baby is listening to music yet Hee hee, like this child hat!

Children's hat is very Korean style, huh, huh, small model looks very professional, this child hat color selection is more bold, with a warm tone hit color, and cold and warm colors hit color match, you can according to the child's skin color, Choose your own. If the skin is a good baby, which several children's hat color can control you, if the skin color is not very white, you can choose that section of beige friends.