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Cotton Winter Hat Warm Effect Is Good Aug 25, 2017

The benefits of cotton winter hats.

The head of the human brain is the locus of the nerve center. The head is a meeting of the Sun. Although the skin of the head is thin, but the blood vessel and the hair are many and coarse, so, body heat often head mass outward evaporates. According to the research data, about 1/3 of the heat in the body is emitted from the head when the temperature is around the l5c, and about 1/2 of the body's heat is emitted from the head when the temperature is around 4C, Cotton Winter Cap while the temperature is about 3/4 of the body's heat escaping from the head when l0c around zero. This shows that the head and body heat balance is very large. If a person just wear more than a few clothes, Cotton Winter Cap rather than wear cotton winter hat, it is like hot water without the plug, the heat will be continuously outward "output."

Winter wear cotton hat not only to keep warm, but also to avoid cold, cough, headache, facial nerve paralysis (that is, mouth-eye slanting material) and other diseases.

One is conducive to keeping warm.

The human body's head is also very need to keep warm (easy to heat), but also need cotton winter hat to keep warm. Winter hat material, can be wool, woolen cloth, or down jacket of the hoodie, anyway, Cotton Winter Cap the texture to be thicker, warm effect is good.

Second, it is beneficial to health care.

Cold words, it is inevitable to cause cerebral blood vessels contraction, light will feel dizzy, headache, heavy will happen accident.

Three is beautiful function.

If you buy a beautiful, fashionable cotton winter hat, there is a dialect, said "gimmick stunt, stunt on the head." Head,Cotton Winter Cap can let cotton winter hat to beautify!

Four is the protection function.

A cap in the head, in case of a slight rub, the cotton winter hat can "buffer" a bit. If there is a falling object and cotton winter cap barrier.