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Cotton Winter Hat With Warm And Cold Features Sep 06, 2017

Winter with cotton winter hat that is essential to a job, a lot of female friends like to wear cotton winter hat is purely for the beautiful winter winter cotton hat is not only beautiful so simple, but also can achieve warm, protect the hair effect , Today Xiaobian give everyone talk about cotton helmet health effects, together to understand the daily life of health knowledge which have?

As the saying goes, winter wear a hat like a jacket, that cotton hat and thick warm jacket is the same cold winter indispensable items, Cotton Winter Cap then wear cotton hat will give us what benefits, really so important? Down for everyone to detail the role of cotton dragon hat magic.

One, is conducive to warm

In order to cold, people put on a thick winter clothes and warm shoes, but many people do not wear cotton winter hat habit. As everyone knows, the body's head is also very warm. Moreover, most of the elderly hair is relatively rare (easy to heat), but also need to warm the winter hat to warm. Winter hat material, can be wool, woolen, or Cotton Winter Cap down jacket with a coat, anyway, thick texture to some, warm effect we go.

Second, is conducive to health care

Elderly blood vessels, after all, as young people so smooth, and even a little hardened, if the cold, then, inevitably cause cerebral vasoconstriction, ranging from dizziness, headache, heavy will be an accident. Therefore, the elderly can not underestimate the cotton helmet health function. In addition, Cotton Winter Cap like a velvet cap, coat, etc., can also cover and protect the ears.

Third, increase the beautiful

If you buy a beautiful, stylish cotton hood, you can put the white hair "wrapped" to live; if the cotton hats and styles and colors to match the clothing, Cotton Winter Cap you can show the coordination of wearing beautiful. There is a dialect, said "gimmick gimmick, gimmick on the head." While the elderly gray head, you can let the cotton hat to beautify.

Fourth, with a protective function

A hat in the head, if a little touch rub, cotton hat can "buffer" look. Not long ago, the author passed the Nandan East Road, a commercial building, had been upstairs "fly" down a blank one-time lighter "hit" in the head, thanks to the cotton cap blocked, did not cause any harm. Cotton Winter Cap Elderly response is relatively slow, physical condition is also more vulnerable to young people, so given appropriate protection is necessary.

Wearing a cotton hat on the inevitable contact with the hair, in the fear of hair at the same time we should pay more attention to the benefits of wearing cotton and winter hat on the hair:

① for the warm hair cold

Head is called "Zhu Yang of the sink." Medical research found that the static state of people who do not wear cotton winter hat, the ambient temperature of 15 ℃, the loss of heat from the head of the total body heat 30%, 4 ℃ when the total loss of 60% of total calories. If the head cold, Cotton Winter Cap it will cause cerebral vasoconstriction, ranging from dizziness, headache, or cause scalp nutrition and circulatory disorders and hair follicle metabolic disorders, resulting in hair nutrition imbalance or a lot of hair unnatural fall off. Serious may also induce some disease to patronize. Thus, in the cold winter, the head and other parts of the human body, also need to warm cold.