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Knit The Winter Hat Cleaning Method Sep 18, 2017

With the attention and pursuit of clothing accessories, knitted winter hat as an important branch of knitted apparel accessories, the requirements of the wearing of a single warm function from the gradual to the beautiful, healthy, comfortable, safe and other functional change. From the knitting of the winter hat of the process point of view, can be divided into conventional knitted winter hat and stereotypes knitted winter hat two. Conventional knitting winter hat process is simple, efficient, Knit Winter Cap with extensibility, good elasticity, comfortable and soft and so on, but very crisp, modeling lines difficult to endure, and easy hook wire.

Knitted winter hat process beautiful, durable, with a good shape, modeling lines lasting and so on

In addition to scarves, the winter can be added to the finishing touch of the pen how to get a hat? This issue of small series to introduce you to reduce the single product - knitted winter hat! Known, knitted winter hat can not only meet the needs of warm, with up also particularly show your youth invincible!

Knit winter hat is how to wash the right? Knitting winter hat is the winter street cold equipment, but also the trend of people with a single product, Knit Winter Cap but in order to ensure the knitting winter hat gloss and deformation, timely cleaning is necessary. So, then come up to teach you how clever clever knitting winter hat, let it a new look!

Knitted winter hat is mainly used for wool, woven knitted winter hat has a certain degree of flexibility, and long wear knitted winter hat is one of the problems encountered deformation, Knit Winter Cap affecting the effect of wearing. Second, the air in the gray layer of long-term adhesion in the knitting winter hat will also be corrosion, resulting in darker color problems, how to clean and restore it is particularly important.

Knitted Winter Hat Proper Routine Cleaning Method:

Preparation before cleaning:

1, before cleaning the hat, the first hat on a variety of jewelry removed, Knit Winter Cap and then slightly beat the upper gray layer.

2, prepare a soft brush

Start cleaning:

1, prepare a pot of warm water about 30 degrees, add a little salt or vinegar inside (note only add the same can be, vinegar has increased the role of wool gloss), then add a little neutral detergent (mainly for the liquid detergent)

2, then the knitted winter hat into the aqueous solution soak for about 5 minutes, then gently rub, Knit Winter Cap contact the head sweat more parts of the soft brush can be gently scrub.

3, with water will be knitted winter hat rinse clean to dry


1, drying knitted winter hat when the best use of tiled drying, which is conducive to the elastic recovery of knitted winter hat

2, after cleaning more water, gently dump a rejection, until the drop can be

3, in order to ensure that knitting winter hat tiled drying, Knit Winter Cap the internal can also be dry, can be stuffed into the old cloth can be.