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Knitted Winter Hat Good Shape Jul 12, 2017

Knitted winter hat, is commonly used for cold weather for all ages wear a hat. Hat material for the wool, knitted, named knitted hat.

With the attention and pursuit of clothing accessories, knitted winter hat as an important branch of knitted apparel accessories, in the wearing of the requirements from a single warm function gradually to the beautiful, healthy, comfortable, safe and other functional change. From the knitting of the winter hat process, Knit Winter Cap can be divided into conventional knitted winter hat and stereotypes knitted winter hat two. Conventional knitting winter hat process is simple, efficient, with extensibility, good elasticity, comfortable and soft and so on, but very crisp, modeling lines difficult to endure, and easy hook wire. Stereotypes knitted winter hat process beautiful, durable, with a good shape, modeling lines lasting and other characteristics, but the comfort, Knit Winter Cap softness has declined, and the whole molding products easily lead to uneven glue, affecting the quality of finished products. The purpose of the research is to use modern new materials and processes to explore a kind of both crisp and able to keep knitted products comfortable ...

Knitting winter hat in winter trends in the summer of the year was almost decided. Of course, Knit Winter Cap if a certain style or a certain color of the weaving cap sales soared (ie "explosive"), manufacturers will add production. The two most important components for knitting winter hats are graphics and colors. In the mix of colors, because different people on the color preferences are different, so each hat needs a different color to match to meet different consumers.