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Shading Function Of Visor Jul 24, 2017

Sun visor design style changeable, elegant texture, street mix, American leisure, or even second-hand retro products have different lingering charm, in the hot mix style of the spring and summer trend, is a very strong collocation of a single product. Just get the hair out of the line and wear it.

On the visor, a kind of summer sunshine of the movement of the breath will arise.

Summer wear a suitable visor, not only to avoid sun, protect the skin, Visor Cap but also play a decorative role. So how do you buy a visor? Follow the little series.

1 occupation

Summer in the field of the people to choose the sun visor, should focus mainly on its shading function, light, wide along the various hats and hats are most suitable. Indoor working people, Visor Cap only on the way to work, should be in style and color highlighting its decorative function.

2 body shape

The size of the female, the choice of the visor of the larger room; a stocky woman should try to choose a light, narrow-brimmed visor; the shorter neck is suitable for a half and a narrow shade if you choose to wear a wide-brimmed visor, it will create a sense of oppression; people with white skin can choose the color of the sun visor, Visor Cap color-black people should choose the red, chrysanthemum yellow, light gray visor.

3 Hairstyles

Long-haired women, choose to wear the wide-brimmed visor, you can receive the effect of protection from the sun, the person with short hair, Visor Cap choose to wear wide or narrow along the visor is more appropriate.

4 Age

Young people choose a bright color, new style of the sun visor, to foil the enthusiasm of the lively personality, the middle-aged is prominent, mature and stable age characteristics. Also, when choosing a hat, pay attention to whether it is consistent with your personal temperament. Visor Cap Lively girl can choose color contrast, style slightly exaggerated can highlight the personality of the hats. As a professional women, they should choose to be able to show a capable and not lack the feminine taste of hats.

5 in the purchase of hats you should also pay attention to the coordination with other accessories, so that it is properly matched. For example, hats and glasses, the two close together, Visor Cap choose the hat should also pay attention to the shape of glasses, patterns, color coordination.

6 sun visor with fresh beauty

Floral dress, sweet and lovely, small fresh lake blue, romantic floral, waist of the style of extra figure, vest let mm petite, rice white butterfly knot visor, beautiful good-looking.

Eugen yarn blouse, refreshing comfortable, personalized printing, playful good-looking, doll collar is less age dress up, inside the white vest will not be gone, rice white casual shorts, simple generous, white shoes collocation on the hood, is a small fresh eye-candy.