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Sunscreen Play Sunscreen Effect May 31, 2017

The hat is composed of a hat and a cap body, and the cap is a double or a double layer. The upper cap can be attached to the lower sunshade tongue and has an upright circular surface on the back of the cap. Into the surface of the cap, according to the need, between the two layers of tongue can be filled with a layer of insulation, in the horizontal level of the cap, with the installation of additional attachment hole, when using the hollow cap, Visor Cap the cap Clamps with mounting attachments. The invention can give full play to the shading effect of the sun hat cap, and can add all kinds of attachments, so that the sun hat practical, beautiful, increase the use of value, the hat cap removed, you can still use and clean.

Summer sun damage to the skin you must know! In addition to sunscreen, a sun hat can give you a layer of protection, but how to avoid the woven straw hat into a village Fan, baseball cap and how to wear more fashionable? Come to learn the street to shoot people's sun hat fashion ride, so that you can take into account the summer while the sun from the sun hurt!

Summer wear a suitable sun hat, not only shade to avoid sun, protect the skin, but also play a decorative role. So how to buy a sun hat? Follow Xiaobian look at it


Midsummer in the field of people who choose the sun hat, should focus on its shade function, light, wide along the various straw hat and work cap the most appropriate. Visor Cap Indoor work, only on the way to wear, should be in the style and color highlights its decorative features.


Body shape of the female, choose a larger sun hat; body chunky women should try to choose light-colored, narrow along the sun hat; neck shorter people to half along and narrow along the sun hat more appropriate, if Choose a wide-brimmed sun hat, will make people have a sense of oppression; Visor Cap skin white people can choose the color of the more bright sun hat; skin color black people should choose light red, chrysanthemum, light gray sun hat.


Stay long hair of the women, choose to wear around the wide-width sun hat, you can receive hair care to avoid the effect of sun; short hair, Visor Cap choose to wear wide or narrow sun hat are more appropriate.


Young people use bright colors, style novel sun hat, is conducive to set off a warm and lively personality; middle age is highlighted generous, mature and calm the age characteristics. In addition, the choice of hat should also pay attention to whether it is consistent with the individual temperament. Visor Cap Lively girl can choose the color contrast, the style slightly exaggerated to highlight the personality of the cap. And as a professional woman, you should choose to show a tough and no lack of feminine cap.

5 in the purchase of a cold hat when you should also pay attention to coordination with other accessories, so that with properly. Such as hats and glasses, both suffer very close, select the hat should also pay attention to the shape of the glasses, patterns, colors in harmony.

Sun hat fresh and beautiful ride

1, floral dress, sweet and lovely, Visor Cap small fresh lake blue, romantic floral, waist style extra of the body, the vest to MM are petite and exquisite, white bow bow hat, bright and beautiful.