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The Cleaning Of Knitted Winter Hats Is Necessary Oct 12, 2017

Knitted winter hat is winter street cold equipment, but also the trend of the people with a single product, but in order to ensure the luster and deformation of knitted winter hats, timely cleaning is necessary. So, the next person to teach you how to skillfully wash the knitted winter hat, let it be a refreshing!

Knitted winter hat wearing method. The first knitted winter hat-wearing method: The end portion of the hat is long after proper wear. Let's take care of the end! Grab the middle part of the hat and fold it inside. In general, a folding can be a natural one, Knit Winter Cap but you want to be a little tighter to fold it again. The final appearance after wearing is both natural and concise. The second: anti-fold cover ear knitted winter hat wearing method. Lovely knitting material knitted winter hat, eye-catching cover ear shape and hairy artificial wool inside provide winter warm and eye-catching wear effect, cover ear shape can be reversed, to button fixed, Knit Winter Cap two different wear method has a change.

Knitted winter hats are mainly used for knitting wool, knitting and knitted winter hats have some flexibility, and long wear knitted winter hats One of the problems is deformation, Knit Winter Cap affect the effect of wear. Second, the ash layer of the air in the long-term adhesion in the knitted winter hat will also appear corrosion, resulting in dark color of the problem, how to clean and restore is particularly important.

Knitting Winter hat Correct routine cleaning method: (For most knitted winter hats)

Pre-cleaning preparation work:

1. Before cleaning the hat, remove all kinds of ornaments from the hat, Knit Winter Cap then pat the upper layer with the hand slightly.

2, ready to brush a soft

Start Cleaning:

1, prepare a basin of about 30 degrees of warm water, add a little salt or vinegar inside (note that only add the same, vinegar can increase the gloss of the effect of the yarn), and then add a little neutral detergent (mainly for washing liquid)

2, then put the knitted winter hat into the water immersion for about 5 minutes, Knit Winter Cap and then gently rub, to contact the head sweat more parts can be soft brush gently scrub.

3, with water will be knitted winter hats rinse clean can be tiled drying


1, drying knitted winter hats best use tiled drying, Knit Winter Cap this is conducive to the elastic recovery of knitted winter hats

2, after washing more water, gently jilt, until the drop shape can

3, in order to ensure that the knitted winter hat tiled drying, the interior can also dry, Knit Winter Cap can be used to plug the old cloth open can.