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The Collocation Skill Of Winter Hat Jul 24, 2017

Autumn and winter season approaches, beauty of the girls are like to keep warm at the same time, to have the charm of the appearance, then women's winter hat inevitably became a lady's icing on the cake, then autumn and winter Lady how to choose their own winter hat.

1 Winter hat and face shape: different face wear different types of winter hats, I believe that the beauty of girls will agree with this. Winter Cap Face type of person suitable for wearing various winter hats, only the hat-type depth should be moderate, to reveal the shape of the face of about 1/3 as good; square face of people, winter hat shape to a higher proportion of the face 3/4 appropriate, suitable for octagonal hat, cowboy hat, Winter Cap curling hat, hats and so on; round face shape people, winter hats should be designed into square, sharp or polygonal, suitable for beret, cap, engineering cap, knight hat, etc. long-face type of people, winter hats should not be too high, otherwise it will make the shape look longer, face to reveal 2/3 as good, Winter Cap Suitable for fisherman's cap, big eaves cap, cylindrical cap, etc.

2 Winter hat and body size: The same size, the type of Winter hat selection is also very different. Human body has a height of the points, tall people in the selection of winter hats should be big should not be small, otherwise give people the feeling of top-heaviness. Short women do not Daiping the top wide eaves hat, tall is not suitable to wear high cap.

3 Winter hat with complexion: The ruddy person, can coordinate with many colors, but do not wear too red winter hat, yellow skin is suitable for people to wear dark brown, Winter Cap rice gray and other color winter hats, not to wear yellow, green winter hats; dark-skinned people in the selection of brightly colored winter hats, to pay attention to the overall effect of dress, according to the clothing to match the winter hat effect; white skin, winter cap applicable color more, Winter Cap but because the skin too white easy to give a person to feel weak, so choose winter hat color, to avoid choosing white or approximate color.

4 Winter hat and clothing: Wearing the same color or similar to the main color of winter hats can give a fresh, a sense of elegance; The winter hat, which contrasts strongly with the color of the garment, makes a person feel lively and vigorous, preferably wearing a darker winter hat when wearing a printed garment, and wearing a blue or red winter hat with red or blue clothing; wear a suit, windbreaker, coat, or woolen hat, Winter Cap and wear sports clothes, wearing a baseball cap or an empty cap can make you Shing.