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The Decorative Function Of The Sun Hat Sep 18, 2017

Summer wear a suitable sun hat, not only shade to avoid sun, protect the skin, but also play a decorative role. So how to buy a sun hat? Follow Xiaobian look at it

1 occupation

Midsummer in the field of people who choose the sun hat, should focus on its shade function, light, wide along the various straw hat and work cap is the most appropriate. Indoor work, Visor Cap only on the way to wear, should be in the style and color highlights its decorative features.

2 shape

Body shape of the female, choose a larger sun hat; body chunky women should try to choose light-colored, narrow edge of the sun hat; neck shorter people to half along and narrow along the sun hat more appropriate, Visor Cap if Choose a wide edge of the sun hat, will make people have a sense of oppression; skin white people can choose the color of the more bright sun hat; skin color black people should choose pink, chrysanthemum, light gray hat.

3 hairstyle

Stay long hair of women, choose to wear around the wide edge of the sun hat, you can receive hair care to avoid the effect of sun; short hair, Visor Cap choose to wear wide or narrow along the sun hat are more appropriate.

4 years old

Young people choose bright colors, style new sun hat, is conducive to set off a warm and lively personality; middle-aged people are generous, Visor Cap mature and calm the age characteristics. In addition, the choice of the hat should also pay attention to whether it is consistent with the individual temperament. Lively girl can choose the color contrast, the style slightly exaggerated to highlight the personality of the cap. Visor Cap And as a professional woman, you should choose to show the skills and no lack of feminine sweet hat.

5 in the purchase of a cold hat when you should pay attention to coordination with other accessories, so that with properly. Such as hats and glasses, both suffer very close, select the hat should also pay attention to the shape of the glasses, patterns, colors in harmony.

6 sun hat fresh and beautiful ride

1, floral dress, sweet and lovely, small fresh lake blue, romantic floral, Visor Cap waist style extra of the body, the vest to MM are petite and exquisite, white bow bow hat, bright and beautiful.

2, the European root yarn jacket, fresh and comfortable, personalized printing, playful and beautiful, doll collar is the age of dress, within the white vest will not go light, Visor Cap and white casual shorts, simple and generous, white shoes With a cover on the cap, it is small fresh seductive.

3, the classic black and white striped vest stitched on the European root yarn skirt, elegant and sweet, outside the lake to catch the blue chiffon shirt, simple and generous, lemon yellow shoulder bag with a sun hat, very close neighbors MM The temperament Oh!

4, fresh and breathable chiffon shirt, temperament MM are essential summer, white chiffon shirt splicing on the lace, more elegant and elegant, Visor Cap with the green wave point of the high waist skirt, so that MM are tall and beautiful, plus On the sun hat, street dating are not afraid of the hot sun.