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The Knitted Winter Hat Looks Fresh And Lovely Aug 03, 2017

Knitted winter hats are commonly used in cold weather for people of all ages to wear a hat. Hats are made of wool, knitted and knitted in winter hats.

The winter fashions of knitted winter hats were almost decided in the summer of the year. Of course, if a certain style or a certain color of the weaving cap sales surge words (that is, "explosive"), production chamber to replenish production. The two most important components of knitted winter hats are graphics and color. Knit Winter Cap In terms of color collocation, because different people have different preferences for color, each hat needs a different color to match to meet different consumers. In general, Knit Winter Cap a type of woven hat needs to be equipped with six different main colors, that is, black, white, rice, gray.

Winter will need such a warm ear-protectors knitted winter hats, hats are not pure color, is added to another kind of different colors of wool, so that the hat appears more special.

Want to wear the knitted winter hat good-looking, not only will pick style, Knit Winter Cap but also master collocation skills. Light blue knitted winter hat, in the winter will appear more girls fresh and lovely, with the wavy curls, a kind of a woman's early-growing taste.

The combination of furs and knitted winter hats is definitely a warm partner in the Winter Street, Knit Winter Cap while the knitted winter hat on a bright yellow, enrich the overall color, more lively feeling.

The man has no resistance to knitted winter hats, and nearly two years more popular in the pure color knitted winter hats, I heard that this more can wear a high level of feeling yo!

Gray knitting winter hat always keep the low profile, generous, Knit Winter Cap but also the goddess must be color Oh! Even with the beautiful colors will not affect the Harmony degree.

The knitted winter hat brim is simple to roll up a lap, is the hottest to wear the law, exposing the beauty of the forehead feeling just fine.

Headphones can also be regarded as street people must be weapons, and knitted winter hat combination, to make a cool woman is also very good oh!

Love the black collocation of the girls, with a white knitted winter hat to find the refreshing feeling back! The high color system has a feeling of being close to winter

Of course, Knit Winter Cap can also be used wine red, treasure blue and other aristocratic color to concave shape, after all, the feeling of fashionable foreign is very popular!

Knitted winter hat Not roll of the method, will focus more focus on the face, so more suitable for long hair girls or three-dimensional female facial features wear, wearing out of the effect will be more in favor of tidal sense!

What are the knitting methods of winter hats?

First, wear a hat comfortably. Follow yourself and feel the walk. A longer face shape or a man's condition, it is best to wear it as far as possible; Below the green box to teach two knitted winter hat wearing method. The first knitted winter hat-wearing method: The end portion of the hat is long after proper wear. Let's take care of the end! Grab the middle part of the hat and fold it inside. In general, a folding can be a natural one, Knit Winter Cap but you want to be a little tighter to fold it again. The final appearance after wearing is both natural and concise. The second: anti-fold cover ear knitted winter hat wearing method. Lovely knitting material knitted winter hat, eye-catching cover ear shape and hairy artificial wool inside provide winter warm and eye-catching effect, cover ear shape can be reversed, to button fixed, two different wear method has a change.