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The Sun Hat Can Play A Decorative Role Sep 06, 2017

Sunset design style changeable, elegant texture, street mix and match, American casual, and even second-hand retro products are different charm, pay attention to mix and match style spring and summer tide, is a strong match with a single product. As long as the hair with the nature of the lines, and then wear a sun hat, a summer sun only sports atmosphere will be spontaneously.

Summer wear a suitable sun hat, not only shade to avoid sun, protect the skin, but also play a decorative role. So how to buy a sun hat?

1 Occupation: midsummer in the field of people, choose a sun hat should pay attention to its shade function, light, wide along the various straw hat and work cap is the most appropriate. Indoor work people, Visor Cap only on the way to wear a sun hat, should be in the style and color highlights its decorative features.

2 body shape: symmetrical women, choose a larger sun hat, body chunky women should try to choose light-colored, narrow along the sun hat, neck shorter people to half along and narrow along the sun hat comparison If you choose to wear a wide-brimmed hat, Visor Cap you will have a sense of oppression; cap.

3 hair: stay long hair of women, choose to wear around the wide edge of the sun hat, you can receive the effect of hair care to avoid the sun; short hair of the people, choose to wear wide or narrow along the sun hat more appropriate.

4 age: young people choose bright colors, Visor Cap fashionable sun hat, is conducive to set off a warm and lively personality; middle age should highlight the generous, mature and calm age characteristics.

5 When choosing a hat, pay attention to whether it is consistent with the individual temperament. Lively girl can choose the color contrast, style slightly exaggerated, can highlight the personality of the sun hat. And as a professional woman, you should be able to show the ability to show a lack of feminine hat.

6 to buy a hat when you choose to face with their own face, Visor Cap color matching style. Small women can not choose the hat wide hat, that will make the face look smaller; face full of women do not choose too tight, too small sun hat, Visor Cap that will make the face too prominent; round face of the most women So do not choose to wear and face similar to the hat; long face women should wear to cover the forehead of the dark hat.