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The Sun Visor Gives A Sense Of Freshness And Elegance Aug 15, 2017

The weather gradually heated up, the visor has quietly leapt into our eyes. In the scorching summer, fear of UV damage to the skin, the choice of a suitable visor can not only for beauty lady shielding ultraviolet rays, but also to create a variety of summer beauty image.

What kind of sunshade hat has better shading function? The shading effect of the sunshade cap is mainly determined by the brim length of the visor. At the same time, good visor ventilation and perspiration effect is very good. Visor Cap In the case of brim, the brim is usually longer than 6 centimeters to have a better shading effect. Therefore, the reminder in the purchase, do not blindly pursue fashionable, Visor Cap and ignore the brim of the effective shade length. Consumers in addition to the choice of models in the purchase, but also pay attention to the actual effect of shading, as far as possible to choose the larger brim, color slightly shallow visor, so as to achieve effective shading effect.

At the same time, choose the visor can also be considered from the following points:

1, Occupation: Summer in the field of the people, choose sun hat should pay attention to its shading function, light, wide along the various hats and hats are most suitable. Visor Cap The person who works indoors, only wears the sun hat on the way to commute, should highlight its adornment function in the style and color aspect.

2, body shape: The shape of the female, the choice of the sun hat space is larger; a stout woman should try to choose a light, narrow-brimmed sun hat, and a shorter neck, which is suitable for a half and narrow sun cap, if you choose to wear a wide-brimmed sun hat, it will create a sense of oppression, the skin white people can choose a more colourful sun hat, black-skinned people should choose red, chrysanthemum yellow, light gray sun hat.

3, hairstyle: Women with long hair, choose to wear around the wide-brimmed sun hat, you can receive the effect of protection from sunburn; the person with short hair, Visor Cap choose to wear wide or narrow along the sun hat is more appropriate.

4, Age: Young people choose a bright color, new style of the sun hat, to foil the warm and lively personality, the middle-aged should be prominent generous, mature and stable age characteristics.

5, Material: Summer visor used for the material is still colorful, nylon, straw, hemp, yarn quality, cotton and so on. Sports caps are the most popular of all cotton or denim fabrics with large front eaves. Fishing cap, cotton is more suitable, the edge of the front eaves of the hat up, Visor Cap with a full sense of summer leisure. Broad-brimmed hat is the usual meaning of the ladies hat, the material is generally light and elegant linen mainly, now there are a lot of special synthetic fabrics, to give people a sense of fresh and elegant. Such a hat with a larger skirt is more suitable.