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There Are Many Ways To Weave Children's Hats May 31, 2017

There are many types of children's hat weaving methods, the following Xiaobian for everyone to introduce two individuals that look better children hat. To weave a baby for you

For many years did not hook baby clothes, this is not, Children Hat the students recently promoted my grandmother, and I am this extracurricular grandmother also followed the happy, a few days ago hooked a pair of little red socks sent to see the beautiful little red socks, Hook a small child hat. Children's hat preparation method how it? This is not difficult to say this job, but one can not be the child's hat look like a hook, and second, there is no model in the side try the size, I had to come to a " Blind people feel like "their own measures by the hook. Hook good, Children Hat self-feeling can also be used to participate in the activities of the clever Square, said the support of the clever Square, and then see, there are no sisters who want to hook, let's explore the children's hat to learn the way weaving. Children's knitting method for children's hats One way:

Lotus leaf hat did not buy the right line, had to remove the clothes hook children hat, children's hat is 2 strand hook, lotus leaf is a strand of hook.

Child hat hooked, with a single hook 15-pin wide column, do lotus leaf with, about 3 caps circumference

Children's hat weaving method two: pink cotton tide girl ear cap north of the child is actually very happy, you can have a variety of sweaters and wool cap, Children Hat the cold season can also make the mood beautiful. Spent a day out of the hair ball ear cap, no baby special line, choose a mild cotton line, with the baby line may be better, 4 shares with 10 knitting, the amount is unknown, warmth and flexibility slightly worse But will not hurt the baby's skin. Children hat finished after a bit of water, or the tide, it is really tide girl helmet hat,

From the two ears to start weaving, in order to match the best choice for the same time weaving. Because there is no experience, so I was the first one, and then start again, because do not love the number of needles, so twist needle number is wrong, demolished re-weaving, trouble ... ... starting 17 needle, 2 2 + Twist +2 on 2 under

Children's hats are worn on the head of the dress, most can cover the entire top of the head. Mainly used to protect the head, part of the child hat will have a prominent edge, Children Hat can cover the sun. Children hat with shade, decoration, warming and protection and so on. So many types, choose also pay attention.

Children's hats can also be used for dress up, first of all according to the face to choose the appropriate children's hat. Second, according to their own body to choose children hat. Wearing children's hats and wearing clothes, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses. Children's hat in the form and color must be matched with clothing and so on. Child hats can also be used to protect the hair, or as part of a uniform or religious dress. Can be different types, such as high hat, sun hat and so on. Some children's hats will have an outward extension of the canopy, known as the cap.

The type of children's hat, the variety of children's hats, Children Hat according to the use of points, there are snow hat, rain hat, sun hat, helmet, dust cap, nightcap, work cap,