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Weaving Method Of Cotton Hats Jun 14, 2017

Cotton hay hat weaving method and the hat weaving method, just smaller size, patterns and colors can be more fancy some of it! Woven cotton winter hat with the material must be soft, good quality, so that the baby will not be allergic to the skin Oh Today, we come together to enjoy some lovely cotton helmet it! Cotton Winter Cap Look at these cotton and winter cap what are the characteristics.

Cotton winter hat weaving method: above this cotton winter hat is 4.5MM with a needle, the white line from the 79-pin, first weaving a single rib, here weaving about 5 rows. Back row of flowers, 2-pin positive and negative (double sweet-scented osmanthus needle), 1 anti, 8-pin twist, 1 anti, 3-pin double sweet-scented osmanthus, 1 anti, 8 twist, 3 osmanthus, 1 anti, 8 twist, 1 anti, 3 osmanthus, 1 anti, 8 twist, 1 anti, 3 osmanthus, 1 anti, 8 twist, 1 anti, 2 osmanthus, woven to the appropriate length after the needle, here probably 12 twist twist twist, the first time when the twist twist began to receive the needle, received 6 lines or so, and finally the line from the rest of the needle to wear, tighten, and then stitch the back half, and finally with brown hair ball, The braid and the hat are connected.

Child hat above the lovely bear and small snowflakes, also particularly cute. Cotton Winter Cap And the little boy white skin with a special winter with it do not worry about freezing your little baby's head it!

Cotton winter hat on both sides of a crochet flower, quite beautiful, it seems that the baby is listening to music yet Hee hee, like this cotton helmet it!

Cotton winter hat color selection is more bold, with a warm tone hit color, and cold and warm colors hit color match, you can according to the child's skin color, choose. If the skin is a good baby, which several cotton hats can control the color of the hat, if the skin color is not very white, Cotton Winter Cap you can choose that section of beige friends.